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Energy Audit

RetroFoam of Colorado Springs does not perform Energy Audits, but we have several Auditors names and phone numbers on file that will perform this service. Call us for information.

A professional home energy audit can reveal where your house is losing energy. It could be from air leaking past windows and electrical outlets or from an inadequate amount of insulation in the attic or walls. An energy audit is the first step in determining if you have problems that need to be addressed. A room-by-room walkthrough of your home may reveal often overlooked problems.

Inadequate insulation levels can cause an excessive amount of heat loss through the walls and ceiling of your house. Even if your home was insulated according to the building codes at the time, those codes were the minimum recommended amount of insulation. With energy prices always rising it is important to have your home well insulated. Many older homes could benefit greatly by adding more insulation in the attic and walls.

Hire a Professional Home Energy Auditor

If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your home, consider contacting a professional. An assessment of your home is done with a variety of techniques and specialty equipment. One of the tests uses a device called a blower door. This equipment measures the amount of air leaks in the building envelope. Another test uses an infrared camera to scan for areas of heat loss through walls and foundations. This tool can pinpoint areas in walls where the insulation has settled or is missing.

An energy auditor can point out areas of your home that may need to be weatherized, which could be accomplished with minimal cost. It is also very important that a proper vapor barrier is installed on exterior walls and between the ceiling and insulated attic space. There are different options available to correct a vapor barrier problem.

An energy audit will show you how much energy your house uses and how much energy is being lost through air leaks and inadequate insulation. This information can help you make changes to improve energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

Here at RetroFoam of Colorado Springs we have a FLIR I-7 infrared camera. We don’t have the equipment to perform the blower door tests. We have several Auditors names and phone numbers on file that will perform this service. Call us for information.


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