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Window Treatment

Indow window inserts are an acrylic glazing edged with our patented Compression Tube that presses inside a window frame without requiring the installation of a mounting bracket.

Reduces noise coming through operable single-pane windows by 18.9 dBa, which “feels,” subjectively, like a 70% reduction in noise. Reduces noise coming through double-pane windows by 10 to 12 dBA, equivalent to a 50% reduction. Available in Commercial Grade.

These panels block all light coming through your windows and provide the acoustic dampening and thermal insulation of standard Indow inserts. Ideal for light sleepers, night-shift workers, newborns and home theater audiophiles.

Have an extra abrasion resistant coating to provide additional protection against scratching (moving and frequent cleaning). There is no visual difference between the Standard, Museum and Commercial Grade acrylic.

Protects furniture, carpets, and artwork by filtering 98% of all UV rays from sunlight coming through windows. There is no visual difference between the Standard, Museum and Commercial Grade acrylic.
Translucent acrylic diffuses light transmission while blocking details and defined shadows. Great for bathrooms.
Reduces the heat and damaging UV rays coming through the window while maintaining a high level of visible light and clarity. Shade Grade reduces the Solar Heat Gain through the opening by 53% (SHGC of .47) while maintaining 63% visible light transmittance. Available in Standard Grade.
Our baseline product. The clear 1/8″ thick acrylic panel provides a great balance of comfort, efficiency and noise dampening at an affordable price.


Many Indow window inserts can be left in place year-round with occasional removal for cleaning. If an Indow insert is removed for an extended period, proper storage is essential. We make high quality custom-fitted, clear storage sleeves made from a 4mil poly blend. See ‘Indow Care Guide’ for complete storage and product care instructions.


In order for Indow window inserts to fit properly there must be an unobstructed flat surface perpendicular to the window pane with a depth of at least 5/8″ that runs the entire perimeter of the window. We call this Frame Depth.

Common Obstructions are inset window treatments (blinds), hardware, hooks, locks and hinges.

Solutions for less than 5/8″ Frame Depth In some cases, where there is less than 5/8″, removing or replacing molding or installing a jamb extension can create room for the Indow inserts to fit. If the frame depth is just under 5/8″ clear clips can be attached to the window frame to hold the Indow insert in place (see right). For complete solutions see our Frame Fit Kit.


A. Acrylic Glazing A custom cut pane of acrylic forms the main component
of an Indow insert and is available in a variety of grades to meet performance needs.
B. Air Space An insulating layer of air between the existing window pane and the Indow insert. The ideal space is 1-3″, but can be greater for maximum acoustic performance.
C. Compression Tube Silicone edging around the acrylic glazing creates a tight seal
and holds the Indow insert firmly in place. It is impervious to heat, cold, UV radiation
and maintains its spring indefinitely.
D. D-Ring A pull-ring is attached 4″ above the lower left corner of the insert to aid in removal.Silver d-ring used for white tubing and black d-ring used for brown and black tubing.
Acrylic Weight (Approximate)
1/8″ = 1 lb./sq. ft. 1/4″ = 1.75 lb./sq. ft.


Indow window inserts comply with egress regulations. In an emergency, occupants
should be able to quickly remove the Indow inserts. In a young child’s bedroom,
we recommend leaving one window bare with no insert installed.


E. Safety Hardware is used on windows larger than 8 sq. ft. to prevent the Indow insert from falling out of the window frame in the event of high wind pressure. The Safety Hardware is inconspicuously anchored to the window frame by one small screw.


4X8 Sleep Panel, Privacy, Acoustic Commercial.
6X8 Standard, Commercial, Museum, Acoustic.
Call an Indow representative for availability of larger sizes and Mullion Kits.
See Mullion Kit Product Sheet for details.
Note on Color: Currently, the Compression Tube is available in brown, light linen white
and black. Custom colors are available for large commercial orders. Call to inquire.


Indow inserts should not be exposed to temperatures above 160°F (71°C) for continuous service, or 180°F (82°C) for short, intermittent periods of time.

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