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RetroFoam Product Information

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Reduce drafts, Lowered Utility bills, and Apartment installation.


More efficient cooling, noise reduction, and pest control

Reduced heating bill, easy, and clean installation
Large decrease in costs, improved comfort, and newer home installation

More Facts About RetroFoam

Increases your comfort in all weather
RetroFoam’s R-value (R-value measures insulation effectiveness) reaches a remarkable R-4.6 per inch in winter and R-4.1 per inch in summer. This is the highest annual R-value of any re-insulation option on the market today.

RetroFoam™ provides homes with 2×4 studs R-values of R-16.0 and R-14.9 for winter and summer, respectively. R-values for homes with 2×6 studs reach R-23.7.

RetroFoam™ also eliminates drafts by sealing plugs, switches, cracks, and anywhere else air can enter or leave your home.

Continues to save money over time.
Unlike blown-in cellulose or fiberglass, RetroFoam™ will not settle over time, change shape, or breakdown. Your RetroFoam™ insulation stays in place, particularly at the top of walls where it is most needed. And RetroFoam™ is not affected by moisture. If the foam gets damp, it always dries and remains 100% effective.

Therefore, the high R-values and insulation effectiveness achieved by RetroFoam™ continue over time.

Resists pests
RetroFoam™ is also an effective pest barrier. Because it seals cracks and crevices in walls and cement blocks, it helps keep critters outside.

Does not disrupt your life when installed
RetroFoam™ installation is an easy process in most types of buildings, typically completed in less than a day. Our installers inject RetroFoam™ into the wall cavity, so there’s no need to tear out walls. Since RetroFoam™ is installed from the outside in most cases, you do not need to move furniture or clean up the inside of your home.

Decreases noise: a sound solution
Although RetroFoam™ is used primarily to save energy, our customers often comment about how quiet their homes become once RetroFoam™ is installed. RetroFoam™ reduces noise levels by 75%, a 45-50 db reduction on average. Apartment and condominium residents find RetroFoam™ a great solution for noisy walls.

Reduces taxes
RetroFoam™ is an Energy Star approved product. Therefore, when you install RetroFoam™, you may be eligible for federal tax credits to offset the installation costs! Ask a dealer for details.

Slows the spread of fire
RetroFoam™ is a nonflammable product. RetroFoam™ adds safety and value to your home because fires burn more slowly through RetroFoam™-filled walls.

Never hurts the environment
Non-toxic and completely safe, RetroFoam™ produces no fumes, gases or emissions. It’s also hypoallergenic. RetroFoam™ is safe for the environment and your family.