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What our Colorado Customers are saying about RetroFoam

“Chris recently insulated a rental property that we have in Colorado Springs. I, and I’m sure our tenant, couldn’t be happier with the results. I had reservations about dozens of holes being drilled through the stucco siding, but eventually conceded that it was the proper approach. The insulation process went very quickly and now that the holes have been patched and painted, have disappeared. The tenant has already mentioned that it feels warmer in the house and quieter. Chris was a delight to work with and very reasonably priced. If you have an uninsulated home, I would strongly recommend considering RetroFoam. It’s a great product and Chris knows what he’s doing.”
-Robert, N

“I had Retro Foam Colorado Springs insulate my town home this year. What a difference!! For the first time in 10 years, my kitchen pipes didn’t freeze at 20 below temperatures. Plus, the home is much warmer than in the past, and it’s an even warm. My utilities have also come down noticeably. I was nervous about spending the money, but wouldn’t think twice about calling them should I get another home. They are fast, efficient hard workers. What a pleasure to deal with.”
-Ken S.

“RetroFoam scheduled two days to install in-wall insulation in my home by removing exterior vertical vinyl siding to gain wall access. They arrived promptly on the scheduled days and completed the work in 1-1/2 days. Chris answered all of our numerous questions and was quite patient with us with all of our questions. The crew was professional and efficient. The cost of their service was appropriate for the work, and a good value when alternative methods of insulation for and existing home were considered. The crew left the house looking undisturbed as if the job had never been done. They left the grounds of my property clean. The insulation provides a noticeable sound damping, while I still need more time to evaluate the reduced cost utility bill benefit of adding insulation. I would definitely recommend RetroFoam to anyoned interested in adding insulation to an existing home.”
-Stephen, A

“RetroFoam of Colorado Springs insulated the entire house with RetroFoam. They also insulated the attic with pink panther insulation. Chris and his crew insulated my whole house, which is a 1500 square foot rancher. That was the original estimate. However, they went the “extra mile” and insulated our new addition we had made when we enclosed our porch. They charged us nothing extra but did the extra work. Also, the company blew in insulation into our attic, and we were so pleased. His daughter was helping, and we could not have had a better company do the job. We had an immediate drop in our utility bill. The crew was pleasant and did what they said. The walls were done in one day. The attic insulation was done the next day. Everything was done to our satisfaction, and the people cleaned up after themselves and did not leave any material laying around. We will hire them again if the need arises. We recommend this company highly. Thank you Chris and crew.”
Hicks, A

“The crew did fantastic work! It made huge difference. Our furnace comes on half the time it use to. I very highly recommend this company. I’m very happy and pleased.”
Thank you, Gary in Pueblo, CO

“RetroFoam insulated the whole exterior of our house to include the garage. They showed up on time and did quality work. We have heat-reflective exterior. Chris and his workers drilled holes put fill the insulation in the walls and then replaced them. You couldn’t even tell that anything had been done. They made sure that they caulked the pieces that they put them back on and the difference was not visible. It was just amazing. Energy wise, I would say, we average between 300 and 400 dollars for heating and we saved probably between 100 and 150 dollars a month in our energy bills last winter. There was one wall where the foam did a little bit of damage and that was due to the wall not being properly installed when it was being built. They pushed the wall out a little bit which ended up cracking where the plug was and then the wall was no longer flat. They had someone cut the drywall out, replaced it, and fixed it and we didn’t have to pay for any of it. Chris was a very honest man.”
-Maura G.

“Tasked to insulate the wooden walls in a single cinderblock wall (my coldest bedroom). The method was to drill holes and inject foam, then replace the plug and repaint. Excellent job where the crew finished as scheduled and performed as a cohesive team. I was impressed and have seen results in my reduced energy bill. They restored the walls to better than previous condition.”
-Ellis C.

“I just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with our installation!! It has made such a difference — no more wind blowing through the house, we can keep the house at a normal temperature and not have our propane tank empty out, and the noise from the outside has greatly been reduced. I can’t even tell you how glad I am that we called — no more walking around with icy hands and a cold nose! And your crew was great too. Thank you so much!”
-Lisa H.

“I have an older house that had no insulation. They came and blew insulation into the attic and put insulation into the walls. My house has been GREATLY improved. The house now maintains temperature (it wasn’t even close before, it was kind of like camping) and the sound from the outside is almost entirely deadened. Thank You!!! They worked much faster than I thought they would! They were on time, and nice guys to have around the house. If you are considering RetroFoam, I’d recommend it. And watch the video. It’s pretty cool and informative. I like the fact that my R Rating is higher than it would be with normal insulation. :)”
Honey W.

“The exterior of my house is stucco. They drilled holes in the stucco, injected the foam into the walls, patched the stucco, and then painted with paint I had matched to the original color specifications from when I painted my house eight years ago. I could not be happier with the work Chris and his team performed on my house. Except for places where the exterior was dirty, the patched holes could not be seen. After washing the walls, the work was totally transparent. Except for the sign in the front yard, there is no evidence of the work just looking at the house. My wife and I already notice the difference as the house does not warm up inside nearly as fast as it did before the foam was injected. I plan to keep track of the gas usage over the winter and post another review of the product. I also really appreciated the 0% financing. Chris and his team were a great to work with: kind, respectful, conscientious, and skilled workers each one. Neither Chris nor any member of his team solicited my comments here. They did an excellent job, and I always appreciate it when people do good work for me at a fair and reasonable cost. Many thanks to them!”
-Robert Z.

“Heard ad on the radio, spent at least an hour on line getting information – needed noise mitigation – happy for the future utility savings. Estimator was trustworthy, efficient, (could arrive at estimate quickly), knowledgeable, confidently explained the product, Congratulations on your staff! So grateful you and your workers were so professional, respectful, quiet, and careful to cause no damage & cleaned up perfectly!”
-Ellen B.

“We were very happy with the installation. The technicians were very professional and the process was performed with care. They removed long sections of siding, drilled holes for inserting the hoses, and pumped the foam product into all the exterior walls. After reattaching the siding sections, they did touch up paining, so that went they left, you couldn’t tell they had even been here!  Believe it or not, we were happy that there were 4 places inside where a small bit of foam came under a section of molding, or in one case, through an electrical outlet. That meant that every available space was tightly filled and that outside air used to come right into the house in those areas.  Now, everything is as snug as a bug in a rug. One thing we noticed is that our house is quieter now. We especially notice that we don’t hear the morning traffic. Yeah!”
-Daryl K.

“Retrofoam did a great job installing the insulation. I had the house painted the next week. The painters told me that they were extremely impressed by the work they did! They were expecting allot of prep work and could barely see where RetroFoam had done the work! House feels great inside! Thanks for the great job! The price is well worth it. I wanted to have my walls, especially in the living room and front bedrooms reinsulated. The total job was over $9000 and this required all the drywall to be removed. This was a much better solution. Went great!”
-Debbie V.

“My house is vinyl sided. The company removed a row of the siding, drilled a hole in the side of the home between every vertical stud. Then the installer inserts a hose and injects non-expanding foam into the cavity until it is filled, which blocks all air leaks into the house. After installation of the insulation, I noted that the house was cooler in the afternoon. Also, I believe it is quieter. Many years ago, I had a house re-insulated, which did not include anything as comprehensive as the work the RetroFoam people did and I cost me a LOT MORE money than this.”
-Dwight H.

“Installed non-expanding foam from the outside in the gaps in the walls between the studs.  Excellent work — wonderful results. We noticed the difference immediately. They showed us that there were a number of places where our home had huge gaps or no insulation. We felt the difference the day they were done. Fantastic!!”
-Ronald W.

“My wife and I heard about Retrofoam on the local Christian radio station in Colorado Springs and decided to invest in this opportunity to help reduce our utility costs. Tom, our sales representative, was extremely helpful and even showed us the thermal weaknesses in our home. When the team came out onsite, they were professional, knowledgeable, considerate, and willing to listen to our concerns as well as demonstrate the product being placed within our walls. Afterwards, Tom came out again and provided another thermal scan of our home, demonstrating the before and after improvements from the foam being placed in the walls.

Within the first few days of installation, we noticed a reasonably significant sound reduction between our kitchen and garage, as well as from outside sounds in the street. Over the next week, we have adjusted our home temperature downward and have reduced our demand on our central heating by about 40%. We are very pleased with the product functionality and look forward to future reductions in our energy costs. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and ensuring a smooth installation.”
-Dr. Tim and Teresa G.

“Could immediately tell a difference in the heat retention inside my home.”
-Hilda P.

“Great Service, I’d recommend the product to friends.”
-Steven W.

“Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job.”
-Erica I.

“We are very satisfied with the results. You guys are the best.”
-Kelvin S.

“Very impressed with your product, the way everything was done, and the cleanup.”
-Dwight H.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will most certainly recommend your company to my friends. Thank You.”
-Susan M.

“Awesome product – we already feel a difference in our home. It was really neat that Chris showed us what had been in our walls (five layers of the Denver Post newspaper from 1901) We made a shadowbox of it.”
-Lauren W.

“We had foam pumped into our house for insulation. The job went very well. Chris (the owner) and 3 other men in his crew came to our house March 18 to pump in the insulation to our house. Depending on the structure of the house, depends how they do the insulation. We live in the older part of town. Our house was built in 1918. We have the old cedar shake shingles. They have to remove a strip of shingles to make the hole in your house to put in the hose that pumps in the foam. The shingles were neatly put back in place. They completed the job within about 5 hours. We were pleased with how neat they were and courteous.”
-Diane B.

“Installed foam insulation into exterior walls of home. Contractor was prompt and did an excellent job. We can already see an improvement in our utility bill. They were quick and very professional.”
Joseph F.

They injected foam all around my home. They was very professional when he came out and showed on time. I enjoyed having the guys here as they were very respectful. They even helped me clean up a couple patches which he didn’t have to do.
-Patricia C.

 “We had the whole house re-insulated by RetroFoam of Colorado. They were wonderful. They came in. My husband was actually here that day. They explained what they were doing, what the stuff was. They even showed him how they were putting in the foam inside the walls. They cleaned everything up. They put everything back. I would recommend them to anybody.”
-Dianna L.

“Removed lap siding, drilled holes in fiber board and shot liquid foam insulation into the wall cavity between studs. After foam was shot into the walls the holes were re-plugged and lap siding was reinstalled. Super. Chris and his crew were very professional. They were on time as agreed upon prior to doing the job. Work was accomplished as Chris had explained prior to starting job. Job site was left clean and no trace of his crew ever being  around the exterior of the home.  As the owner/boss Chris worked alongside his crew insuring all task were completed per his explanation of the processes. Highly recommended to other home owners. We already see results from the RetroFoam application. Worth the money. Satisfied customer.”
Judith W.

“Installed Retrofoam in all exterior walls and garage. Retrofoam team did a great job, they were on time and did a very professional job.”
-Thomas M.

“I have a 50-year-old brick home with un-insulated walls and high utility bills have always been a concern. Since I have a lot of wallpapered interior walls, I wanted to avoid the old method of drilling a large hole that would have to be patched from the inside. The Retrofoam system sounded like the best solution. The team arrived on the job site promptly, went right to work drilling out access holes in the existing brick walls. Holes were small enough to not affect the bricks just the mortar. The foam was then injected it each hole then plugged and patched. Each patch matched my mortar color exactly and is practically invisible. Afterwards the cleanup was neat and professional. I think my house is now fully prepared for any future cold seasons. This is a good company with a great product.”
-Doug S.

“Professional, quick installation of foam. Chris was on site assuring everything went as planned. Clean up was done in a timely fashion and the product has so far exceeded our expectation. Our inside walls are warm to the touch!!!! Can’t wait to get our next gas bill, plus rebate check. We highly recommend this company.”
-Tom K.

“During our kitchen remodel, our contractor informed us that we had zero insulation and suggested we call RetroFoam. They sent out an estimator the very next day. Within a week, Chris and his (very clean cut) crew, showed up on time, in a nasty snowstorm and within three hours, we had badly needed insulation in our kitchen and bedroom. Our house is old, 1941, with masonry construction, so the foam worked great! We will definitely use Chris again for the remainder of the house, once we finish with our remodel. Chris sent us the forms for a utility rebate, which offset some of the price. Very professional, respectful of our property and explained the process to us in great detail. Already saving on utility costs and helps with sound insulation, as we live on a busy street. Thanks Chris! You operate in a way business should be; putting the customer first!”
-Alison M.

What other RetroFoam Customers are saying

“Tasked to insulate the wooden walls in a single cinderblock wall (my coldest bedroom). The method was to drill holes and inject foam, then replace the plug and repaint. Excellent job where the crew finished as scheduled and performed as a cohesive team. I was impressed and have seen results in my reduced energy bill. They restored the walls to better than previous condition.”
-Ellis C.

“I just had your company, Retrofoam, finish the job of insulating the walls of my 1968 colonial house.  Because it was built in the 60’s when energy was cheap, it virtually had little to no insulation that was suitable for weather extremes.  We could see a candle flicker in the winter of summer even though we had replaced all the windows.

We are thrilled with not only the complete job performed but how it was performed. Installers were respectful not only in person but in regard to the condition of our home. Everything was cleaned up nicely and the work was thorough to the condition of our home. There was no hedging on the amount of the product used between the studs in the walls.  Each section was completely filled.  This is a wonderful product and I have immediately noticed results.  The heat is kept out.  Our air conditioner no longer runs constantly and the inside temperature is easily kept at 72 degrees.  I cannot wait for our first freeze to see how the heat will stay in the home.  My wife has asthma.  The product had no affect on her asthma as far as worsening the condition.  There was no order either.

Once again, I would recommend this company and its employees without any reservations what so ever.  Five stars from my and my family. Thank you very, very much and I will keep your sign in my yard as long as it holds together because I believe others should get this product in their homes and you installers know the job very, very well.  It is rare these days to have competent and intelligent people hired to work on your home.  Thank you again. If you need referrals just let me know!”
Kerry E.

“RetroFoam works!!  Our water line used to freeze if the temp dropped below zero.  After RetroFoam was installed, the temps hit 20 below and NO FROZEN PIPES.  We also noticed a 25% savings on our monthly heating bills.  Good for our pocketbook; good for the environment.  It is a win-win.  We would recommend RetroFoam to anyone.”
Dan and Molly M.

“The house is so much more quiet and easier to heat. We don’t have the drafts we used to have. The RetroFoam dealer left my home cleaner than before.”
Dacia S.

“I LOVE RetroFoam! We’re saving 40% a month on our heating bill! Our home is a renovated farmhouse built in the 1940s. You could honestly hear the Northern Ohio winds hiss through the walls. Now our house is comfortable to sit in year round and there are NO MORE DRAFTS!”
Laura and Rod B.

“We noticed the difference immediately after having RetroFoam installed. Our furnace used to cycle every 10 minutes when set at 69°, now it cycles every 45 minutes at 66°. Also, the house is not drafty anymore.”
Steve D.

“Since we had RetroFoam installed, we noticed the house is much more comfortable. We used to notice the windy days, but now our home is very quiet. We have a bump-out area in the dining room where the floors were always cold, but now we can walk by our bay window in bare feet and the floor is toasty warm.”
Matt R.

“We can already tell the difference with RetroFoam. The A/C units don’t have to run continually to keep the house cool on hot days.”
-Chuck C.

“RetroFoam helped us save significantly on the energy bills in our shop and made our homes more comfortable. It’s easy for us to sell RetroFoam to our customers! We know its benefits first hand.”
Robert Hafler, President, and Jim Ruiz, Vice President, RetroFoam of West Michigan.